What is so important about proper ventilation in helping maintain the integrity, life span and warranties of my residential or commercial roof?

Modern home construction results in better insulated and tighter homes. This saves you money on energy bills, but also makes the need for a well ventilated attic more important. Proper ventilation is much more important than many may think.

As a professional roofing contractor in Northern New Jersey, we run across many instances where the severe weather changes have caused unnecessary damage due to improperly installed, or no ventilation. We can tell you firsthand, stories where a simple one or two hundred dollars on an initial roofing job would have saved the homeowners thousands.

Studies show that 90% of all roofs are under ventilated. Read on for an explanation of how improper ventilation can affect a roof, an attic, and ultimately an entire home.

Simple things like normal household activities can become potential problems in a poorly ventilated building.

Laundry Rooms
and Cooking

All these activities generate moisture that damages insulation, rafters, wood decking, underlayment and shingles if an attic isn’t properly ventilated.

Moisture soaked insulation becomes ineffective, thereby requiring excess energy usage. Condensation on wood leads to rotting and expensive repairs. In some cases, entire roof deck replacement is necessary.