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Life Protection
Falling is the leading cause of unintentional home injury deaths; it claims nearly 6,000 lives per year, according to the home safety council.
US News World Report 8/31/09

Falls account for more than 1/3 of all injury deaths, and they are the leading cause of home injuries.

Water Investment Protection
Water is a killer. It seeps through concrete, settles in basements, sprouts mold and empties wallets. The very worst thing that water can do is weaken your foundation, causing the foundation walls to crack, settle and spread havoc to the rest of the house. The cost of repairing and sealing a busted foundation can start at $10,000. and can go as high as $40,000.
– source: Edge


Why is cleaning my gutters and roof so important?

Cleaning and maintenance of your gutters and roof is crucial in providing the longest life expectancy of your roof and gutter system. Even a minor build-up of debris on your roof over time can create unsightly mold and algae growth and lessen its life expectancy.

If your gutters become clogged with debris you may suffer water intrusion into your home, dry rot, mold, ice damming, erosion to your landscaping and even personal injury should a gutter fall. Our proven effective, hassle free “Gutter cleaning and maintenance program” takes all the risk and worry out of cleaning your gutters.

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How often should I clean and maintain my gutters and roof?

Jeff Alte Jr Roofing recommends that most homes and buildings have their gutters cleaned out 2-6 times per year.

How is the gutter cleaning done?

Our trained professionals will clean out all of your gutters and leaders by hand. We will bag and haul away all debris from premises. We will make a minor repair to gutters or roof upon advanced request. In most cases, no one has to be home and there is no appointment necessary. After signing up for our program, you will not have to call or schedule cleaning. We will automatically come out and clean your gutters and leaders. Your landscaping will be left cleaner than we found it.

How is your gutter cleaning service different from other gutter cleaning companies?

Most people think that a roof and gutters are installed and then never need to be touched for 20-30 years. This is far from the truth!! Just as your vehicle needs its oil changed and your lawn needs to be cut, your roof and gutters WILL NEED maintenance. It doesn’t make sense to pay a roofer two to three hundred dollars to complete a task which could have been done FREE with your gutter cleaning.

We include one complimentary minor repair to your roof or gutters if needed when conducting our service. While other companies will nickel & dime you charging to re-nail gutters spikes or reconnect a leader, Jeff Alte Jr. Roofing will provide this for free!

Common minor repairs we conduct for FREE when providing our service:

Re-sealing cracked vent pipe flanges
Replace loose or missing shingle, slate or cedar shingle/shake
Re-nail gutters & leaders
Re-connect leader pipes
Re-nail / Re-seal loose flashing

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